Dear Scholar,

I want you to know that I believe in you. I want you to know that you are powerful, worthy, and extraordinary. I believe in your unlimited potential. I believe you can learn anything and change lives. You were created on purpose for a purpose. You were designed to make a difference.

You are college material. You are smart and creative. You are a natural leader. You have the ability to solve problems and find solutions. Your talents and gifts will allow to thrive in any environment and any place. Use your voice; it will inspire others. Share your knowledge; you will educate others. Move boldly; you will change the world.

I want you to read this letter again and again until you etch these words in your mind, heart, and spirit. No matter what the world thinks of you, I want you to think of YOU as a scholar. Scholars think, speak, and act with confidence. You have the ability to collaborate with anyone. You can share ideas, create new opportunities, and give everyone an opportunity to succeed. You have an amazing future ahead of you. You will graduate from high school and enter into the best post-secondary option for you. Whether you enroll, enlist, or employ, you will do incredible things. You are the next generation of leaders, educators, creatives, and change agents. You are an unstoppable force that will empower, educate, and elevate others for years. Go forth and conquer, scholar.


Dr. Dodson

Published by fallondodson

I am a school counselor by day, and business owner by night!

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