Dear Scholar,

I hope you remain safe, happy, healthy, and well. As we move closer to spring, I wanted to share three quick tips to help you improve your grades, enjoy your summer, and improve your relationships.

Tip 1: Turn in Your Work

Whether you participate in class, turn in an assignment, complete an essay, or take a test, every assignment counts. In order to show your teacher (or professor) what you know, turn in your work. You are responsible for your deadlines. You are responsible for tracking your progress in your course. You are responsible for your grades, not your parents, friends, teachers, counselors, or significant others.

Tip 2: Know Your Promotion Status

If you’re a high school student, do you know how many credits you need to become a sophomore, junior, or senior? Do you need to earn community service hours in order to graduate? If you are a career ready student, have you completed all requirements to earn your certification? If you’re a college student, have you completed all requirements to earn your degree? Make sure you know your promotion status!

Tip 3: Ask for Help

If you need help, please ask! As a high school student, you can connect with your school counselor, your teacher, or parent/guardian for support. As a college student, connect with your advisor, your professor, or mentor for support. If you have questions about college and career readiness, reach out to me!

Happy Spring!

Dr. Dodson

Published by fallondodson

I am a school counselor by day, and business owner by night!

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