Four Areas of Focus

The first semester is over, and we’re in the third quarter of the school year.  You can finish the school year strong! Here are four areas of focus to help you finish strong. AcademicsYour grades matter. Every homework assignment, every test, every quiz, and every project counts. Keep submitting your best work. Continue to schedule time […]

366 Opportunities

Happy New Year, scholars and families! Welcome to a new day, new month, new year, and new decade! You have 366 opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. What goals do you have for this year? What is your plan to reach that goal? Who can help you reach that goal? How will you navigate challenges […]

To You, From Dr. Dodson

Dear Scholar, I want you to know that I believe in you. I want you to know that you are powerful, worthy, and extraordinary. I believe in your unlimited potential. I believe you can learn anything and change lives. You were created on purpose for a purpose. You were designed to make a difference. You […]

Types of Colleges and Universities

There are incredible colleges and universities available for you. I want to take a few moments to highlight additional options for post-secondary learning. Although predominantly White institutions (PWIs) are one option for college, they are NOT the only option for college! Check out several important options below. HBCU Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are […]

From Skill to Achievement

How do students move from learning a skill to achieving mastery? It all comes down to consistency and practice. Yes, AI. In order to move from skill to achievement, students need to practice every single day. Whether a student wants to learn to tie their shoes or study for Advanced Placement (AP) exams, students need […]