The first semester is over, and we’re in the third quarter of the school year.  You can finish the school year strong! Here are four areas of focus to help you finish strong.


Your grades matter. Every homework assignment, every test, every quiz, and every project counts. Keep submitting your best work. Continue to schedule time to study and review notes from class. You’re a scholar!


Continue to come to school every day. Stay positive and believe you can learn something new. Your grades will improve and you’ll gain greater social skills. You will also have the ability to access instruction when you show up for school.


Scholars love extracurricular activities! Athletics, band, choir, orchestra, theatre, debate, student council, and honor society are just a few things scholars participate in after school. If you want to remain in your activities, you gotta keep your grades up and come to school! You also have to practice to do your best.


The final A is the most important A of all: your attitude. Do you come into school positive, excited, and ready to learn? Are you willing to ask questions if you need help? Do you have a good relationship with an adult in the building? How do you face challenges? If you answered NO or shrugged to any of these questions, check your attitude. It’s all about how you think and feel that determines your direction.
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