These first few years of school provide the foundation for future success. Parents, here are a few tools to help our youngest learners achieve.

PBS Kids: This is a great place to inspire your learner’s love of reading!

Storyline Online: Actors provide narration for wonderful children’s books.

International Children’s Library: Access a global library to spark every student’s passion for reading.

Prodigy: Students and parents can create free accounts here! Learn math skills through games.

MathTV: Helpful math videos that covers every level of math from elementary school to calculus.

Math is Fun: This is a great website for students to learn about math with sentences and cartoon characters.

Khan Academy Kids: Download this app on your phone, IPad, or other electronic device to engage learners from age two to six.

TeacherTube: This is a great website that provides videos for all subjects.

Wonderopolis: This is a wonderful website for children who are curious about the world and want to learn more.

CK-12: This is a great science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) website for students.