Dr. Dodson provides affordable services for learners at every age. Whether you are a freshman in high school or a non-traditional learner, she will work with you to help you meet your goals. Check out some of her services below.

The Foundation

This package is for ninth grade students and families. During freshman year, we will review your goals and develop your personalized academic and career plan based on your extracurricular activities, career goals, and leadership skills. We will prepare for the PSAT, discuss study skills, strengthen time management skills, and balance your home/school life.


The Structure

This package is perfect for tenth grade students. During sophomore year, we update your academic plan and review your PSAT results. We build your study plan for the SAT or ACT, review your transcript, and review your course selection. We also discuss Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment recommendations based on your school's options. Finally, we develop your initial college list.


Junior Jumpstart

If you have an eleventh grade student, check out this package. The junior year is important for college admissions. It is the last full year colleges see on your transcript. We will update your academic and career plan. We will have an SAT or ACT bootcamp, review your transcript, and review your course selection. We will schedule college tours and finalize your college list.


College Knowledge

This is a limited time offer for twelfth grade students and families! If you are struggling with the college process, this service can help you succeed. College Knowledge is an online support system to help you navigate each phase of the college process: from college search to college admission. You get college application support, essay writing assistance, four coaching calls, and more!


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